Escribanía Torraca Brand

Torraca Notaries

What we did

  • Brand design
  • Naming and tagline
  • Brand guidelines book
  • Strategic positioning
  • Visual identity
  • Photoshooting direction
  • Stationary and marketing collateral
  • Brochure
  • Wordpress taylored template

Branding for a vibrant notary studio that wanted to expand its business

Beyond public faith

With over ten years’ in business now, this traditional and friendly notary study was after an identity that could open the door to strengthen the company’s B2B division and attract new corporate accounts.

As a naming strategy, the family’s last name, “Torraca”, was without a doubt the most recognisable element we could use, and it would help us leverage trajectory. The challenge was then to create a logo that could reflect energy, youth, professionalism, efficiency and tough leadership values to reach the next level, empowering the brand name.

We based the logo on a recurring element we found in the studio’s offices as we interviewed its people. to get to discover their exact brand’s spirit; The result was a beautiful, strong, inspiring and memorable owl’s eyes symbol.

Branded photoshoot – Collaboration with Sulky

Brochure design

Stationary and collateral marketing.

Decorative pattern

Wordpress website development

Brand symbol

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