SOFRA, podemos hacerlo



  • Brand architecture and design
  • Brand narrative
  • Strategic positioning
  • Business strategy


  • Tagline development
  • Visual identity
  • Stationary and marketing collateral
  • Guidelines book
  • Brochure

Sofra is a small but innovative engineering business with a very creative portfolio full of unique constructions. However, it had been running for five years without establishing a real brand.


Sofra has a solid USP, and they're very good at what they do, which is a great start when it comes to growing any business.
The assignment was to build a brand that would allow Sofra to show its value proposition and strategic positioning clearly, with the goal of acquiring clients. This would involve developing the business definition, brand narrative, and a message that could drive engagement within the company’s internal and external audiences.

Solution and Outcomes

Defined the organisation’s mission as “to bring creative engineering solutions, innovatively and rapidly” and the tagline as “we can do it”.
Analysed the brand persona and organised the message.
Communicated the brand's functional attributes (engineering, science, solution, lateral thinking) through the shape of the logo symbol.
Communicated the emotional aspects of the brand (passion-driven business, proud of what they do) throughout the narrative.
Created a sister brand for one of Sofra’s services, which works on an entirely different business model from the main value proposition

We redesigned Sofra’s brochure to better present the company and to effectively communicate its business culture -what they do, for who and how they do it- to every target.

Business cards design

Public advertising

Decorative pattern

The work process

Brand templates

A parallel identity to differentiate one product but still leveraged by its sister brand

Symbol's usage example, to brand the Company's products

Brand photography

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