Content Marketing + Online Strategy

Have fun and feel splendid in Miss Uñas, a leading nails and beauty spá

Miss Uñas


  • Brand styling for social media
  • Brand narrative
  • Strategic positioning


  • Visual identity: color palettes, fonts, photo style, general tone
  • Social Media optimisation
  • Sales-driven social media content
  • Community management
  • Marketing collateral
  • Book guidelines

Social media optimisation and content creation to boost sales for the leading nails spá in Patagonia. A smart, fun and involved brand with a kindly-straightforward, always young, attitude and tone of voice.


Position the Nails Spá as the leading hand beauty brand in the city through Facebook and Instagram

Strengthen the Facebook page as the main communication platform of the brand.

Grow client fidelity and client acquisition.

Communicate the whole services catalogue effectively.

Build a social-media friendly brand.

Solution and Outcomes

Build a Facebook landing page to improve the accessibility of product information.
Enhance the product promotion through the creation of offers, discounts and special events.
Target women of all styles and ages (20 to 75 years old) by building sense of community.
Brought in a fun, feminine and stereotype-free palette, integrated with a diversity of typographies, illustrations and other graphic resources.
egarding its brand behaviour, Miss Uñas now grasps a smart, fun and involved personality with a kindly-straightforward, always young, attitude and tone of voice.

A selection of tones for the day (left), for the earth (middle) and for the night (right) that could inspire content design.

Facebook landing page

Instagram set up

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