Instituto Altamira


What we did

  • Brand design
  • Naming and tagline
  • Brand narrative and content
  • Brand guidelines book
  • Strategic positioning
  • Business strategy
  • Signage program
  • Visual identity
  • Photoshooting direction
  • Stationary and marketing collateral
  • Brochure
  • Wordpress taylored template
  • Social Media Guidelines

Altamira Medical Institute is today the most innovative day center for ambulatory surgery based in the Patagonia Argentina.

The challenge

Like strategic partners, we begun to work with the entrepreneur team when this surgical centre was just an idea coming to life. Our job was to build their visual identity and marketing foundations.

The brand had to perform a strategy of differentiation and serve a high standard institution looking forward to promote life quality.

Our solution

We followed a creative path based on precious stones, because of their brilliance, their exclusivity and the energy they represent.

That trigger led to discovering the Altamira Caves, a magical touristic place in Spain with walls covered with native rupestral art. “After Altamira, everything is decadence”, said Pablo Picasso after visiting the caves.

Driven by technology and with the aim to achieve perfection, the name Altamira works. It helps to convey the idea of sophistication and the search for excellence, from the building architecture through users assistance processes’ configuration, now officially called Institute Altamira.

Branded purpose

In the beginning, the Altamira’s value proposition focused on the speciality of ophthalmic surgery.

But considering that the investment in technology and innovation exceeded the starting expectations and that the target market was in need of more and better health services to cover that area, the strategic business decision was to enlarge the Institute services into an integral ambulatory surgical clinic.

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