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Everything’s easier if you get your bases right. Who are you? Who are your customers? What’s your purpose? What’s your style? Get it figured out with our four-week plan.

The Sangha way

During this four-week program, we figure out what your business is all about, what your plans and dreams for the future are, who your ideal customers are and what is the smartest way to engage with them. We put all that together in a visual identity that truly represents you.

Who is it for

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or safe on your way with an established company. From a customer relationship perspective, having a well-founded brand is powerful.

Pumping your brand up is an excellent solution if you need to communicate your core values and your purpose to your target audience.

Grow your business from the ground up!

Our collaborations help businesses like yours bring their brands to life. We craft the story that will drive everything you do.

Our branding work

Our collaboration helps businesses bring their brands to life by crafting the story that will lead everything they do.

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